Locomotive ESU2a for Ukraine

We are railway enthusiasts from Baltic states 🇪🇪 🇱🇻 🇱🇹 which cannot stand by the war horrors taking place in Ukraine. Each and every support counts, so we have found out our own unique way how to help Ukraine 🇺🇦!
We are fundraising for purchase and transportation of narrow gauge locomotive ESU2a, which is a locomotive with inbuilt 50kW three phase alternating current generator. So it can both haul trains, and both supply electricity (a LOT of it!) by the same diesel engine!
Project is lead by Baložu kūdras bānītis in Latvia, in cooperation with foundation and Гайворонська міська рада!
Stay tuned for more information on the locomotive, fundraising progress, actual problems of the life of Haivoron city and it's 750 mm gauge railway!

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New passenger carriage completed within the Interreg "Industrial heritage" project

In October 2018, a new passenger carriage was completed in Baloži peat museum railway. The carriage has been designed and built according to historical pictures and materials regarding narrow gauge passenger carriages built in 1930-ties and 1940-ties, and it includes two-in-one design features of closed and open-sided passenger carriage. Thus in the summer heat the carriage can be enjoyed in it's open form, presenting great views on the scenery around, but still with roof to cover from rain, and in the colder spring-autumn season the carriage can be used as a usual carriage with side panels installed.

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Restoration of canteen carriage BC1-2183 completed

On 22nd of September 2016 we gladly announce that restoration of the canteen carriage BC1-2183, built in 1988, has been finished both internally and externally - the carriage is now pleasant and warming both to the eyes and to our hearts! During the restoration the carriage was fully cleaned from old paint and rust, completely repainted outside and inside the vestibules, and the tail doors were rebuilt for correct operation. Restoration of interior was finished previously, you can find more info here (in Latvian): Noslēdzies KKF projekts - ēdnīcas interjera restaurācijas 1. posms

We are grateful for the financial support received from Pindstrup Latvia Ltd and State Culture Capital Fund!

Photo: D. Bušs, A. Galītis, S. Tretjakovs

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